sam slaughter

sam slaughter

writer, editor, dog owner.

Sam Slaughter is VP of content at Contently. His favorite jam back in the day was Eric B. for President.

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Open uri20140325 24438 p599jv article
The 76ers Are Tankmatic | Complex

The 76ers Are Tankmatic | Complex

Open uri20140409 4503 cov84u article
Facebook's Goodfellas Moment | Adweek

Facebook's Goodfellas Moment | Adweek

Open uri20140327 22118 3jg85i article
Genuine Brand Publishing Needs to Trump Generic Content Marketing

Can't just tick a box on media plans.

Wrasslin article
Features | The savage saga of backyard wrestling

An East Providence-based league emulates the WWE’s macho theatricality, spilling plenty of blood in the process.

Open uri20130821 11060 olijp1 article
Can Content Marketing Save Journalism?

Sam Slaughter is the VP of Content at Contently , and writes frequently about the intersection of advertising and journalism. He enjoys long walks on the beach, basketball and nachos, and is the owner of two dumb dogs.

Open uri20121219 18754 162dybq article
How to Sell Your Car in Paraguay and (Barely) Live to Tell About

This story is actually taken verbatim from an e-mail I wrote to my friend Alex Provan in late spring of 2006, from Buenos Aires. I’d just finished a massive road trip that had begun in Brooklyn nearly...

Open uri20130718 1469 1javcer article
Stop Linkbait Before It Ruins Content Marketing - Mashable

Content marketing is in danger of being ruined by bad practice. Follow these guidelines to get an idea of how to produce quality content.

Guided by voices bears for lunch cover article
29 Actual GBV Song Titles (and 7 Fake Ones)

1) Tractor Rape Chain
2) Leprechaun Catfish Fighter
3) Kingdom of Teeth
4) Habitual Contagions in Hallway
5) A Birdcage Until Further Notice

Open uri20131029 23441 1svzzhv article
Escalating the Content Arms Race

Make great content. Make it original. And make it memorable.

Rip1 article
The Pageview is Dead

Pageviews are the simplest way of measuring traffic, traffic is the easiest way to sell advertising, and selling advertising is the easiest way for publishers to make money.

Burger king ad copy article
Your Ad Copy Sucks | Digiday

Done well, branded content engages looks a lot like good journalism, but keep in mind the distinction or risk losing your credibility, warns Contently's Sam Slaughter.

Web engagement gallery dan wootton photography 01 article
Getting Engaged

As brands and marketing departments start to allocate more resources to content, they’re faced with the question of how to measure its effectiveness.

Schuylkill article
Take It to the Bank | News and Opinion

"Imagine the Schuylkill as a Philly's Seine," read the headline of an Inquirer editorial from the mid-'90s. "It's not as far-fetched as you think."
The Philadelphia-as-Paris comparison may seem a bit ...

Marketers are Today's Journalists | Digiday

With brands acting more and more as publishers, they need to forgo sugarcoating and commit to transparency, argues Contently's Sam Slaughter.